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biodiversity conservation among the indigenous peoples of south kivu.

Project to support forest governance for climate resilience and biodiversity conservation among the indigenous peoples of Kivu in the DRC. The project was carried out with financial support from the Fonds pour l'Agroécologie and technical support from AFSA. The NGO CBCS distributed goat breeding stock in the village of Katogota to women from the cooperative of breeders and farmers in areas affected by the destruction of crops by hippopotamuses.

CBCS will never stop fighting for a greener, healthier world. Our goal is to save the planet for our children. Help us to win.

Our mission

The mission of the CBCS is to support communities in capturing the benefits of environmental services, in order to take ownership of the rational and sustainable management of Congo Basin ecosystems.

Our vision

CBCS aims to be the primary forum for supporting investments that enhance ecosystem services in the Congo Basin by helping local communities live in harmony with nature.

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About Congo Basin Conservation Society

The CBCS (Congo Basin Conservation Society) is a philanthropic organization under Congolese law which is concerned with actively participating in the pursuit of sustainable development objectives by mobilizing forces in an overall movement highlighting the combined efforts of actors working in the region by breaking down regional barriers between producers of ecosystem services and consumers in the Congo Basin.

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Areas of intervention

We are committed to doing what is necessary, not only what is considered politically feasible, to preserve rainforests, protect the climate, and uphold human rights.

Natural Resource Governance

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Biodiversity conservation and management of protected areas

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Forest finance and Biodiversity finance (community forestry and ecotourism)

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Forestry and Biodiversity Finance (community forestry and ecotourism)

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Fight against climate change

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Advocacy and Wildlife Crimes and floristics (fight against the ecocide of rare species)

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Agroecology and soil health

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Management of freshwater resources, wetlands and sanitation

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Environmental education and awareness

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Indigenous Peoples' Rights and Livelihoods

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Climate justice for women and young people

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What's happening?

Our Activities

International Day of peasant struggle

Dear friends,

Today is the International Day of Peasant Struggle, when farmers and their allies are mobilizing around the world to defend agroecology and food sovereignty against the violence of the corporate food system.

In ET...

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Follow-up meeting

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The crowned crane

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Congo basin conservation society is pleased to announce the birth of a baby hippopotamus weighing 50 kilos

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